Cleveland Clinic Cardiac

Four-part ad/1

There are more than 60 hospitals in the tri-county South Florida market, and competition amongst those who perform heart surgery is tough. Our client, Cleveland Clinic, wanted to increase heart surgery volume. We started with the obvious: it is Cleveland Clinic, one of the best cardiac care providers in the world. After focus group-testing a variety of creative executions, we made sure everyone in South Florida knew the facts—and what they represented in terms of life and quality of life.

The “Much Like Cleveland Clinic” campaign posed the question: There are those who seek to be like Cleveland Clinic, but why go elsewhere if you can go to Cleveland Clinic itself? The message was communicated across online and offline mediums, including television and radio. Innovative newspaper placements used to launch the campaign also helped drive home the message. Solid proof of the clinic’s bold claim, “A Higher Rate of Survival and Fewer Complications in Heart Care,” was essential, so the agency and clinic provided third-party proof that it was vetted through legal and medical channels.

Results: Within three months of the campaign launch, more than 1,000 phone calls were generated, and cardiac procedures increased by 100 percent.