Coastal Orthopedics

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Coastal Orthopedics Sports Medicine Wall Mural

Coastal Orthopedics is a large, multi-specialty physician practice on Florida’s west coast and a leader in the Sarasota-Bradenton market. Recognizing the need for a brand that did not look like those of its competitors and a more targeted approach to its marketing, it hired Knight Marketing.

We began with deep competitive research to identify how its competitors were positioning themselves and learn their marketing strategies. As a result, we created a unique visual identity and strong competitive messaging in the theme line, “We Treat You Better.” We also focused heavily on local public relations, online content and high quality social media. Several of our PR successes resulted in multiple appointments for surgery.

Finally, Knight Marketing evolved their advertising strategy from heavy print to heavy digital include organic SEO and paid search, which was tracked using analytics and call tracking software. Within six months our efforts resulted, on average, in more than 100 phone calls a month plus a doubling of click-through rates, decrease in cost-per-click, and consistent top three search engine ranking positions for their keywords.