Doctors Hospital


What does a smaller, community-based hospital do when its main competitor happens to be a large, publicly funded hospital with a sizable marketing budget? It calls Knight Marketing to develop a campaign that makes a strong and believable statement about the exceptional experience only its patients enjoy.

We took all the things that make Doctors Hospital unique within its market—a calm and soothing environment, outstanding care and personal attention—and communicated them in a campaign that spoke directly to its competitor’s frequent ratings-related marketing. Instead of shouting that it was number one in this service line or that one, we turned the message around and created the very personal “I’m Number 1” campaign, expressed through the voices of Doctors Hospital’s own patients in print, online, outdoor, television and video. The bold yet simple design cuts through the clutter of other advertisers—including its Goliath competitor—and the use of high-profile patients for the testimonials has the community abuzz.