Friends are the Priority Now: The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Changes and Your Business

At the beginning of this year, Facebook made some changes to its newsfeed algorithm. While this algorithm is constantly changing, as most things in the digital world are, these changes are fairly significant and will affect the way people interact on Facebook every day. So, what does this mean for you as a business? What […]

3 Telling Stats on Healthcare Marketing ROI

Healthcare Marketing ROI It seems that so much of the data out there on healthcare marketing tells one thing unequivocally: That digital marketing activities matter. And that’s fair enough, right? Afterall, we’ve all seen stats that say something like, “77% of all patients begin their quest for healthcare information using a search engine.” Or that […]

Top Priorities for Patient-Centric Marketing

Medical Marketing for Prioritizing Patients E-mail and search engine marketing. Social media and Web site optimization. Even big data and developing patient personas. More than just independent marketing functions, these activities and more, collectively, are part of the patient-centric—as opposed to brand-centric—marketing approach that’s not only favored but expected by today’s healthcare consumers. For perspective, […]

Using Internal Marketing to Deliver an Exemplary Patient Experience

Today, even consumers of healthcare services are being influenced by the Disneys and Amazons of the world, and as a result, expectations are shifting higher all the time. Case in point: Did you know that as many as 96 percent of dissatisfied patients cite customer service, not quality of care, as the reason for their […]

From Visitor to Contact: 3 Tools for Capturing Qualified, Opt-in Emails

For healthcare marketers in particular, one truly critical juncture in the new patient acquisition process is when a prospect agrees to share valuable information like their Email address. In doing so, said prospect moves deeper into what’s called the “sales funnel,” transitioning from mere visitor and suddenly emerging as a qualified, opted-in contact. One more […]

3 Ways to Maximize ROI with Paid Search Advertising

Especially in an age of high-tech websites, mobile apps, and rapidly advancing social media strategies, most marketers, be it in healthcare or any industry, are surprised to hear that the digital marketing medium with the highest return on investment (ROI) isn’t any of those; it’s (still) paid search advertising, and by most measures, it’s not […]

Entrepreneurship in the Marketing World

We are proud to announce that our founder and managing director, Tracy Knight, has been featured by Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FVEC)! FVEC is an online directory of resource agencies that serve entrepreneurs, organized for each stage of business development. This multipurpose platform not only builds connections among entrepreneurs but also raises awareness of the […]

Using Patient Personas for More Effective Healthcare Marketing

If someone were to describe a process that involves gathering facts, pointed questions of patients and ultimately using the results to make a determination, you’d say it sounds a lot like a diagnosis, right? And for healthcare marketers, a patient persona, in many ways, is just that, a type of diagnosis, and one that’s equally […]

How to Become a Healthcare Industry Thought Leader

It’s rather safe to say that physicians and healthcare practitioners earn more surnames, adjectives, and professional titles than those working in most any other industry. Aside from the traditional distinctions like MD, LPN, CNA, and PA, there are endless specialties, everything from bariatrics, to geriatrics, to pediatrics, and so on. It seems that in healthcare […]

Generation Jones: Marketing Healthcare to Young Baby Boomers

While some debate still lingers about what exactly to call “young” Baby Boomers—those born between, say, 1955 and 1964—universally known and accepted is this segment’s unprecedented impact on the healthcare industry, and its critical importance to healthcare marketers as a result. In terms of size, income, and standard of living, this distinct population segment is […]