We are proud to announce that our founder and managing director, Tracy Knight, has been featured by Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FVEC)!

FVEC is an online directory of resource agencies that serve entrepreneurs, organized for each stage of business development. This multipurpose platform not only builds connections among entrepreneurs but also raises awareness of the hundreds of entrepreneurs across Florida. Our hope is that FVEC will help our company gain more valuable partnerships in the healthcare marketing field and create new referral opportunities.

Tracy’s profile on FVEC features a link to her personal LinkedIn profile, as well as links to the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Knight Marketing – bringing all the available contact information closer to potential customers and fellow entrepreneurs alike. You can also read a detailed biography where Tracy describes her entrepreneurial journey, from the founding of her company to the present day.

She entered the marketing field at the age of 25, working as a stay-at-home mom and an independent contractor for communication and marketing agencies in South Florida. Seven years later, Knight Marketing was born.

Building Medical Marketing Clientele

She goes on to describe her specialization in healthcare marketing, which has granted Knight Marketing in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and senior living landscape. From Tracy’s very first medical marketing client, The Cleveland Clinic, to the numerous others that followed throughout the next 18 years, her expertise has developed and resulted in deep trust by her clients.
In 2015, Tracy sold Knight Marketing to Imprezzio. This has enabled her to further expand her scope of branding and website development for healthcare providers, including hospitals, physicians, hospices and more.

To find out more, see Tracy’s complete profile on her about us page.

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