From Visitor to Contact: 3 Tools for Capturing Qualified, Opt-in Emails

For healthcare marketers in particular, one truly critical juncture in the new patient acquisition process is when a prospect agrees to share valuable information like their Email address. In doing so, said prospect moves deeper into what’s called the “sales funnel,” transitioning from mere visitor and suddenly emerging as a qualified, opted-in contact. One more […]

How to Become a Healthcare Industry Thought Leader

It’s rather safe to say that physicians and healthcare practitioners earn more surnames, adjectives, and professional titles than those working in most any other industry. Aside from the traditional distinctions like MD, LPN, CNA, and PA, there are endless specialties, everything from bariatrics, to geriatrics, to pediatrics, and so on. It seems that in healthcare […]

The Art and Science of Lead Generation for B2B

Whether you are in healthcare marketing, or any business to business industry that needs sales leads, the process of lead generation can seem overwhelming. The good news is the cycle is basically the same, regardless of the industry you are in. But where do you start? Once you understand your customer’s journey, you can give prospects the tools they […]

Your company’s image – amazing or awkward?

We have all seen those awkward family photos posted all over the internet. You know the ones with the horrible holiday sweaters, bad perms, mullets and other atrocities from the ‘70s and ‘80s. In fact, there is a website,, devoted to displaying these cringe-worthy works of art.   The site recently sponsored a contest for awkward […]

Yellow teeth are beautiful.

Why is marketing research so important? Because you don’t know everything, even if you’re sure you do. Despite the fact that I have worked to perfect my client poker face for 20 years, I still can’t help cringing when I hear them say, “We don’t need to do market research. We already know what our […]