3 Telling Stats on Healthcare Marketing ROI

Healthcare Marketing ROI It seems that so much of the data out there on healthcare marketing tells one thing unequivocally: That digital marketing activities matter. And that’s fair enough, right? Afterall, we’ve all seen stats that say something like, “77% of all patients begin their quest for healthcare information using a search engine.” Or that […]

The Three Cs of Physician Reputation Management

Have you ever Googled your name or the name of your medical practice and observed the top-ranking search results? Well, it’s safe to say that your patients have. Recent estimates confirm that eight in 10 patients report searching online for health-related information, and some even suggest that 62 percent of patients use third-party health ratings sites […]

Two Truths and a Lie about Physicians and Social Media

Social media has been widely adopted across many industries as a vital component of any well-rounded digital marketing strategy, and physicians are rapidly joining the ranks. In fact, a recent study found that over 70% of primary care physicians and oncologists are now using social media to read and disseminate health information.  Many late adopters […]

Healthcare Marketing to the Millennial Mindset

If you’re going to reach Millennials, you must be where they are: online. That’s no earth shattering surprise, but can you actually break through the online clutter and connect?  And as a healthcare marketer, should you even try to be reaching this group? Yes and yes. While they may not be the primary target for […]

Social Media—What Should It Cost?

According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report released by socialmediaexaminer.com (a leading social media researcher and blog), 27 percent of businesses outsourced social media responsibilities last year. The report also highlighted the increasing effectiveness of social media in building customer loyalty, gaining market intelligence and driving sales in both the B2C and B2B sectors.  What it didn’t […]

The Move Toward Population Health Management Creates Greater Demand for Healthcare Marketing—Are you Ready?

While population health management is not yet in full swing, it is the direction in which healthcare reform is moving. Population health management is a quantum shift in the way we perceive and deliver healthcare. As marketers, we must be ready and willing to change how and what we communicate. And we’ll need to be […]

No social media policy: A great way to risk your corporate image (and maybe your job).

If you’re a marketing manger–or director, or VP, or even a company owner–you’re probably responsible for your company’s social media sites.  As you have undoubtedly noticed, however, the lines have blurred between your corporate sites, your personal sites and your company’s employees personal sites. They will often “friend” your corporate sites and even ask to […]